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Shop Blue Pietersite Stone Jewelry At Wholesale Prices From Rananjay Exports

Pietersite is a unique gemstone that has come from Windhoek, Namibia, and is considered for its swirling mass of pigment and surface. Wearing the Pietersite jewelry reminds the wearer about the beauty and the happiness found in small things which can be adored. Sid Pieters discovered this gemstone in the year 1962 and later named it on his father’s name, Louis Pieters. It is an enchanting member of the quartz family and is silicified Riebeckite with traces of Limonite. This gemstone’s meaning denotes the word transformation and is a positive symbol of change.Furthermore, it represents strength and willpower, allowing the person to come out of their comfort zone and do whole product things in life. It even has a connection with the solar plexus chakra and third-eye Chakra. Check them at Rananjay Exports.