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Silicone Keypad With Laser Carving

Profound silicone keypad with laser carving, which is mainly a process of laser principle on the surface of the key processing, a lot of key manufacturers will use radium carving process to make key products, often used in mobile phones, electronic dictionaries, remote control, keyboard lamp products on the key, the use of “light” radium carving process keys will make the custom silicone keypad design more beautiful and natural. Custom silicone keypad has a common characteristic, that is, it has light transmission, which is why many customers choose radium carving process.


More Functions of Silicone Keypad with Laser Carving

More Functions of Silicone Keypad with Laser Carving

From the analysis of radium carving production, silicone button background color is transparent silica gel, spraying various colors of ink on its surface, and laser carving will not need ink part to burn, burning character patterns in line with specifications, but because radium carving is to spray a layer of ink burning, resulting in ink integrity.


If you do not spray PU or spray handle oil on the surface of this process, the key characters will be easier to fall off. It is also because of these processes, it is decided that the radium silicone rubber keypad is generally more expensive than the silkscreen silicone keypad, and radium silicone rubber keys also have a good feel, and a more beautiful appearance, and higher wear resistance of characters.