Skin Allergy Specialist in Delhi

Skin allergies can be caused by a variety of factors that result in an itchy rash, which can be red, painful, and bumpy. The rashes can appear anywhere on the body as it comes in contact with the triggering or allergen factors. Symptoms of skin allergies are swelling, itching, redness, irritated skin, cracked skin, leathery skin, and scaling at the affected site. At DermaWorld Skin Institute, the treatment is provided by the best skin allergy specialist in Delhi Dr. Rohit Batra. Dr. Batra first checks the skin symptoms, and then with the help of a diagnostic test (prick test), the main allergen is identified, and then prescribe with the preventive medicines such as antihistamines, apply anti-itch medications, topical corticosteroids to manage the symptoms and reduce swelling and inflammation. Consult today with a dermatologist or skin specialist to identify the right treatment plan to get the skin allergies under control. If the allergies are not treated at the initial phase, it can cause further secondary infections.

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