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Slew Bearing For Stacker Reclaimer

We often see aerial work platform at work in our daily life, as it is widely used in our daily life, like the telcom worker repairing the street light, the fire truck rescue people from high buildings, most slewing rings in the application is a single-row ball slewing rings with inner teeth. people worked on the machine.


1. Features Of SWBTEC Slewing Rings

The most important of the machine is safe, not only to keep the machine stable but also make the machine can do smooth operation.


SWBTEC slewing rings is with small runout, small axia and radial clearance, that can make sure the slewing rings have no any problem when assembled on the aerial work platform.


2. SWBTEC Slewing Ring Bearing Suitable To Aerial Work Platform

SWBTEC slewing ring bearing value have been proved in this kind of machine for many years.