• $11000000

SMC Automotive Molding, Car Mould


Cars, buses, trucks, transport and special vehicles


• Weight:

Parts made from sheet molding compound (SMC) are typically 25-35% lighter than steel parts and aluminum products of the same strength. The stroke is increased and the fuel consumption is greatly reduced.


• Stable shape:

SMC’s thermal expansion coefficient, CLTE, is low enough to withstand engine temperatures and summer temperatures, making it suitable for automotive panel covers, engine covers and roof panels.


• Surface treatment:

SMC body panels have excellent surface quality, are as easy to paint as traditional steel panels, and have a better texture.


• Production cycle:

SMC is highly malleable, greatly reducing the number of components required for assembly, and thermoset materials reduce design and production time.


• Safety:

SMC has a strong insulation effect, 1mm can withstand tens of thousands of volts, and solves the insulation requirements in the automotive field.


• Durability:

SMC’s superior UV protection, aging resistance, acid and alkali resistance, waterproof and moisture resistance, greatly improve the service life.