So Much is Hidden in the Numbers on Truck Tyres

Carefully observing the obvious position on the sidewall of heavy truck tire, you would find a line of number + letter symbols similar to mathematical functions, such as 12.00 R20, 11.00 R20, 295/80 R22.5. And these numbers represent the basic information of the tyre. Take 12.00 R20 as an example, where 12.00 represents inch in British system, and 12 inch refers to tyre tread width. The larger the number, the wider the tire tread, hence the larger the grounding area, and the tire’s grip will be improved to a certain extent.


The last two digits of 20 corresponds to the wheel hub, which is often called the diameter of the rim, in inches. Generally speaking, the larger the diameter of the hub, the greater its bearing strength. Many drivers who pull heavy loads tend to have larger diameter wheels with a certain thickness.


The letter R represents the type of tire. Most of the tires in the past did not have this letter. In the past, bias tire was often used, which is also commonly known by drivers as linear tire. Diagonal tire is represented by slash between 12.00 and 20. At present, the tire with the letter R is more common, the casing ply of this tire is steel radial tire made of steel wire.


The steel radial tyre is more suitable for heavy load vehicles because its steel tube structure can meet the needs of heavy load. Of course, we should choose different tires according to different road surface and loading capacity. Although bias tire gradually fades away from the halo of the protagonist, it is not a useless. For example, in the sand road with soft road surface, the bias tire can be selected.


Because the casing ply of bias tire is made of nylon, the maximum deformation that the tyre can bear is greater than that of steel radial tire. It can provide greater tire contact surface on soft sand road, and the price of bias tire is relatively low, so it is fully applicable to the road.


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