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Souwest Magnetech Magnetic Clip

Depending on the use scenario and needs, magnetic clips are mainly available as ferrite or neodymium magnets and steel clips with various coatings for your choice.


Uses of Magnetic Clips

Magnetic clips instantly hang items on metal surfaces such as refrigerators and magnetic whiteboards. Available in a variety of colors and stylish designs, the magnetic clips offer the convenience of hanging signs, notices and photos for easy and instant updates at home, in the office and more.


FAQs About Magnetic Clip

What are magnetic clips used for?

Use clips to seal bags, hold notes and organize paper securely. Holes allow the clips to be hung on a nail, hook, peg or line. The magnet on the back allows for convenient storage or display.


What are magnetic clips made of?

The main materials of the magnetic clips are ferrite or neodymium magnets.