Stainless-steel Trowel Finishing Burnishing

The new Short Blade Shank (SBS) feature on our exclusive ergonomic handle gives the user more leverage with less effort. This is the perfect tool to use during the final polishing phase of Venetian stucco and lime putty – the exclusive and innovative ergonomic grip, by increasing the grip section for the fingers prevents the hand from turning round the grip, thus enabling greater force to be applied to the utensil during use.


Extreme lightness and the traditional strength merge in a single and innovative utensil which thanks to the treatment of the profile of the blade makes it possible to achieve a perfect polish and excelent quality in the finished work. 


In addition the extension of the rubber coating ensures greater comfort throughout the various phases of use. The joining of the blade to the support is checked at each processingphase. Severe tests of resistance to bending ensure the sturdiness and long duration of the tool Once again offers a specially designed tool to specifically meet the requirements of the professional and help.