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standing desk


Good desk, sturdy, and fairly easy to assemble. I have a 34 inch monitor, laptop stand, laptop portable monitor, 27 inch monitor, and small form factor PC, along with 2 studio speaker monitors attached to this standing desk https://www.fezibo.com/collections/standing-desk. Along with my Amazon Show and KVM switch. There is still room for me to place clipboards, pen jars, staplers, and have some writing area if needed. As mentioned in the headline, the description says the adjustable height desk https://www.fezibo.com/collections/height-adjustable-desk comes with 2 hooks. But it really only came with one. I ordered a desk for myself and one for my wife a few weeks apart from each other. They both only came with holes predrilled for 1 hook and also only came with 1 hook. Two would have been nice