Steel Wire Armoured XLPE Insulated Power

Steel wire armoured power cable are also know as SWA armoured cable or armoured cable. Jenuincable supplies these armoured cable of PVC insulated as CU/PVC/SWA/PVC 0.6/1KV and XLPE insulated as CU/XLPE/SWA/PVC 0.6/1KV following with the standard of IEC60502,BS5467 and AS/NZS5000.1.

The steel wire armoured cable could be designed for other performance as LSZH, flame retardant and fire resistance according to customer requirements. These steel wire armoured cable are normally installed where it required to buried undergroup and where it requires mechenical protection and withstand tensile force.

Steel Wire Armoured XLPE Insulated Power Parameter


Two-core to Four-Core



Circular conductor <= 16mm2; Shaped conductor >= 25mm2

Description of Steel Wire Armoured XLPE Insulated Power

• Rated Temperature: 90oC

• Rated Voltage: 600/1000V

• Reference Standard: GB/ T12706, IEC60502, BS5467

• Model: YJV32

• Shaped stranded copper conductors

• Insulated with cross-link polyethylene compound

• PVC bedded

• Galvanized steel wire armored

• Flame retardant PVC sheathed overall

Application Of Steel Wire Armoured XLPE Insulated Power

• For underground installation in transport and power distribution

• Protection against mechanical aggressions and rodents