Straight floor Notched Serrated Squeegee in Steel Frame

Floor paint straight tooth/floor paint triangle tooth 2 models are available for selection. The scraper and the extension pole are easy to operate, saving time and effort. As the hammerhead is very lightweight you will feel so comfortable while working with it.


 When choosing the right floor paint scraper for painting, you must go for such blades that are sharp enough to lift paint or tar but not too sharp that will eventually slice the surface. The optimal geometry design of this tool offers comfortable usage with less vibration. That’s why K brand floor paint scraper with teeth is an ideal solution to your problem. Floor Squeegees are very lightweight and easy-to-control while working. 




1. 1aluminum alloy body(600*60*2mm)

2. 1connector

3.  One bracket handle tube

4.  Floor paint straight tooth/triangular tooth

    (choose one or two)600*30*1.2mm

5. M5*15mm screws+4 M5 butterfly nuts each +

    M4*15mm screws +M4 butterfly nut 3 pcs each +

    M6*50mm screw +M6 butterfly nut 3 pcs each