Super capacitors make it easier for diesel vehicles to start at low temperatures


When the temperature reaches below minus 10 degrees, the high-current output performance of the vehicle battery is greatly reduced, resulting in the inability to drive the diesel engine to start. As a high-performance energy storage device, supercapacitors can effectively maintain high-current output performance at low temperatures, and the low-temperature startup advantage is very obvious.


Vehicles driven by diesel engines, without exception, are powered by a dedicated lead-acid battery to drive the starter motor, thereby driving the diesel engine to compression ignition. During the starting process, the input current power required at the moment of starting the motor is very large. The best working temperature of the commonly used lead-acid batteries is 10°C~40°C. Under low-temperature conditions, the viscosity of the electrolyte increases. The penetration capacity of the plate decreases and the internal resistance increases, which leads to a significant decrease in the terminal voltage and capacity of the battery and a decrease in output power when starting, and the inability to support the starter to drive the diesel engine to reach the minimum starting speed makes it difficult to start the vehicle.


In contrast, the characteristics of supercapacitors such as high power density, high current charge, and discharge capabilities, and long cycle life fully meet the needs of vehicle startup. The good power characteristics at low temperatures make it incomparable in the low-temperature startup of diesel engines.


Jinzhou Kaimei Power Co., Ltd., a leader in supercapacitors, provides supercapacitor energy storage units for various types of vehicles to start power sources, ensuring that vehicles start normally under low power, no power, and low-temperature conditions. Supercapacitors use the double electric layer formed by activated carbon and electrolyte to obtain super large capacitance. At the same time, they adopt a structure that is conducive to excessive current, which has high power density and strong instantaneous discharge capability. The characteristics of the new organic electrolyte support normal operation under minus 40 ℃ environmental conditions, and the cold start efficiency is high.


In low-temperature environments, the parallel application of supercapacitors and batteries can provide a higher starting current for the car, so that its starting performance can be exerted to a greater extent, which undoubtedly brings “starting” gospel to high-latitude, ultra-low temperature vehicles. The era of “fear of the cold” when the car starts may be over.


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