Swaraj 834 hp price in india

The Swaraj 834 hp XM tractor exemplifies Swaraj’s dedication to providing top-quality agricultural equipment. With its robust construction and impressive features, it’s a favored choice among farmers nationwide. Priced competitively between Rs. 5.25 – 5.65 Lakh*, it balances affordability with performance, serving farmers from various economic backgrounds. Equipped with a powerful 35 HP engine featuring 3 cylinders, the 834 Swaraj XM offers a lifting capacity of up to 1000 kg, ensuring versatility in farming operations. Its appealing design, sturdy build, and advanced features such as the single dry plate clutch and mechanical steering system prioritize efficiency and safety on the field. TractorGyan serves as a dependable platform for accessing comprehensive information about the Swaraj 834 hp XM, including pricing, features, specifications, dealer locations, and user reviews. With its commitment to accuracy and transparency, TractorGyan empowers farmers to make well-informed decisions about this tractor model, simplifying the purchasing process. For farmers seeking genuine insights into the Swaraj 834 XM, TractorGyan provides a user-friendly solution, offering detailed information to confidently meet their agricultural needs. Explore TractorGyan today for the latest updates and valuable insights into farming machinery.