The 10 best waterproof headphones for running of 2023

Listening to your favorite song, audiobook, or podcast can be a huge motivator when you’re running. But if you don’t have the right headphones, runs can feel annoying and stressful as you fidget with your device to get the right fit and sound. The best running headphones are comfortable, durable, and will fit within your budget.

A pair of headphones can make or break a run. If they’re fiddly, uncomfortable, don’t fit or run out of juice before you’ve broken sweat, they can send your stress hormones skyrocketing and bring your outing to an abrupt, angry halt. But get them right, equipped to provide the feedback and beats you need to power your runs and they can be a core instrument in keeping you motivated.


The best earbuds and headphones for running are designed for runners who need their gear to stay in place even while sprinting. Unlike general workout headphones, these running headphones are built for a specific function. I look for some design element — a sport fin, wing or ear hook when it comes to earbuds — that offers some added security in the best wireless earbuds for running. Comfort, durability and sound quality are also key factors. So too is some sort of transparency mode or an open design that allows you to hear ambient around — and traffic in particular — for safety reasons. Most noise-canceling earbuds now have a transparency mode that lets sound in, so look for that feature before you buy noise-isolating buds with ear tips if you’ll be using them on a run.