The Advantages of Polyurethane Sandwich Board Production Line

Ⅰ. Introduction of polyurethane sandwich panel manufacturing line

The polyurethane sandwich panel production line by Jinggong Machine is widely used in various construction, transportation, trains, and other clients who only need sandwich panel equipment. The equipment has the advantages of large pressure, continuity, simple structure, high output, and low investment. With the use of mixed raw materials, this machine can replace traditional machines, users can save a lot of equipment investment, and can produce high-quality products.


Ⅱ. Performance and characteristics of polyurethane sandwich panel manufacturing line

Here are four main performance characteristics of the polyurethane sandwich panel machine.

1. The hourly output can reach 600M, and the feed width is about 1000mm-1200mm, which is 30% higher than similar products;

2. The structure of the laminated conveyor is changed to make the structure more stable and reduce energy consumption, thereby reducing the cost of finished products;

3. The structure design of the snail shell of the laminated conveyor has strong internal impact resistance, the shell is strong and does not deform, and the appearance design patent is obtained. The selection of wear-resistant parts is excellent. The wear-resistant edge protects the hammer disk, and the life of the hammer disk is increased by 4-6 times;

4. There is an observation door on the periphery of the machine body, which also has the function of heat dissipation. The single-motor drive structure saves power consumption and ensures synchronous movement.


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