The Advantages of Solid Wood Dining Table and Purchasing Skills

In modern society, with the improvement of people’s living standards, so does their taste. The decoration styles of the houses are becoming more and more diverse. Some people like gorgeous European-style furniture while some like simple and bright modern furniture. And naturally there will also be people liking fabulously magnificent solid wood furniture of primitive simplicity. So what are the advantages of solid wood dining table? What is its market price? How should we choose and customize the solid wood dining table?


1. Solid wood dining table features

(1) In order to meet individual needs, you can choose to custom solid wood dining table. The customized solid wood dining table is a kind of furniture made of natural wood. We could see the natural texture of wood on its surface which gives people a very natural feeling. The material is sturdy and very durable. It does not contain any artificial additives in the production process so there is no hidden danger of pollution.


(2) The solid wood dining table also enjoys permanent value. It can also bring a very warm feeling to the home environment so the solid wood dining table is very popular among middle and high-end consumers. Its texture is very natural and it has various shapes. What’s more, there are very beautiful patterns on its surface.


2. Solid wood dining table price


If you buy solid wood dining table, you will many there are many choices. Here are some solid wood dining room table price references. The price of a customized solid wood dining table is affected by many factors, such as tree species, the size of it, and so on. The price is not unified. Take the simple solid wood dining table, for example, the price is around 100 to 500 yuan while the price of some finer ones is around 300 to 800 yuan. And the price of large-size ones is usually over one thousand yuan. The price of a solid wood dining table of different materials and different sizes will certainly be different. (The price comes from the Internet and is for reference only.)


3. Ways to choose a solid wood dining table


(1) Look


Observe the texture and judge whether the raw material is solid wood or not. Wood dinning table that is too pretty, more often than not, is made of wood-based panels because except for pear blossom and camphor wood, basically other woods do not have beautiful texture.


(2) Smell


The wood of the solid wood dining table has its own unique smell. Different from the wood tables, the wood-based panel has a heavier chemical smell. If the smell of the table is strong and pungent, you should choose it carefully.


(3) Knock


Generally, you will hear a loud sound when you hit the table with your fingers while the dull one may be a little damp. It is recommended to choose a dry one, which is more stable. The wood-based panel will make a lower and drum sound.


(4) Weigh in your hands


You can simply weigh it with your hands to determine which tree species it is made from. Generally, the lightest one is paulownia, followed by pine, basswood and catalpa, while the heavier is mahogany, rosewood, red sandalwood, Chinese oak, ashtree, birch and so on.


The above is the introduction of the solid wood dining table for everyone. DIMEI believe that many friends will have a certain understanding of the solid wood dining table after reading the introduction of the advantages of the solid wood dining table. Do you also want to buy an exquisite solid wood dining table to put it at home? In most decoration styles, wooden tables and chairs can match other furniture and styles well. Wooden tables and chairs can have various styles and colors. We Dimei company can provide you with any types of wooden dining table you want. In addition to the shape, wooden tables and chairs are more durable, easier to clean, and more cost-effective which leaves you no worries compared with other materials.