The Application Scope and Classification of Rock Wool Color Steel Sandwich Panel


1. Firstly, the application scope of rock wool color steel sandwich panel is as follows:

Polyurethane rock wool color steel sandwich panel is the trend of the future market. It is beautiful and durable, and also has the advantages of light weight, high strength, and thermal insulation. It is a high-grade quick-to-install material that can be used in both building and decoration. And it has the highest fire rating at the moment.


The construction site of rockwool sandwich panel is also very clean. It is widely used in large-span factories, warehouses, office buildings, villa roofs, air purification rooms, refrigerators, shops, kiosks and temporary rooms. The light colored steel plate sandwich panel is one square lower than the concrete civil engineering, so it can fully reduce the structural load and reduce the structural cost of the activity room.


2. Polyurethane rock wool panel is generally classified as follows:

(1) According to the core material: Polyurethane double-sided color steel sandwich panel, metal polyurethane rock wool edge sealing sandwich panel.


(2) According to the surface material: galvanized steel sandwich panel, hot-dip galvanized color steel sandwich panel, electro galvanized color steel sandwich panel, aluminized zinc color steel sandwich panel and various alloy aluminum sandwich panel.


(3) According to the use of building parts: roof panel, wallboard, partition board, ceiling board, cold storage board, etc.


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