The Bending Treatment Scheme of Cold Roll Forming Machine

Zhejiang Jinggong Science & Technology Co., Ltd. introduces the bending treatment plan of the cold roll forming machine:


1. The calculation of the neutral layer in the deformation zone of the cold roll forming machine is accurate, the calculation of the material used in the deformation zone is accurate, and the roller processing has good symmetry.


2. The non-deformed area of the cold roll forming machine should not be compressed as much as possible (such as the bottom of the slide rail), and the gap between the upper and lower rollers of the cold roll forming machine should be kept consistent during assembly.


3. Before the material is bitten in the cold roll forming machine, a guide oblique opening should be set according to the rolling state of the front line, and the material will slide smoothly in the roll before being stably compressed.


4. The processing accuracy of the rollers of the cold roll forming machine is the key. For this purpose, special tools are specially made for inspection under a projector with a magnification of 20 times.


5. The main driving side of the cold roll forming machine adopts roller cone bearings to ensure that the radial runout of the main shaft is within and outside 0.04 MMI to ensure that the main shaft does not move from side to side. There is a gap in the ordinary ball bearing itself, and axial movement cannot be avoided moving during transmission.


6.The problem of bending and distortion in the production of cold roll forming machines is mainly caused by unbalanced forces, unbalanced left and right forces, left and right bending, and unbalanced up and down forces, resulting in distortion. The solution is that the design should be balanced in force, the processing should be accurate, and the installation and adjustment is convenient.