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The best designs in opal jewelry and all you need to know


    • Opal has a glittery appearance and displays a flash of colors when looked at from different angles in the presence of light.

    • A bezel setting is said to be the best in the case of Opal rings to save it from wear and tear.

    • Opal Ring, bracelets have a chic look and can be chosen for workplace events.

    • Opals can bring you good luck, prosperity, and good heal

Opal crystal is a great symbol of Love and hope. It depicts a forever bond and that is the reason why Opal Ring are highly adorned today in the form of a wedding band. The shine and elegant play of colors in this gem are highly loved and people are actually replacing diamonds with Opal gems. Opal metaphysical properties are another reason why people are so passionate about it. It ranges around 6-7 on the Mohs scale of hardness which makes it suitable for creating heart-melting Opal Jewelry designs. In case, you are wondering where to purchase Opal or any other Gemstone Jewelry, visit Rananjay Exports.