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The importance of monitoring and evaluation by P4i

The first question that comes to mind after reading the title of this page is “What is monitoring and evaluation, and why is it important?”.

To answer the first question, monitoring is a continuous process by which stakeholders obtain regular feedback on the progress towards achieving the set goal. This feedback is important as it helps make changes if the process so that the set goal can be achieved.

Evaluation is a process that determines, as systematically and as objectively as possible, the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability and impact of activities in the project. It is the process by which the stakeholders can decide if they can go ahead with the project or not.

To answer why it is important, Most NGOs or social impact organisations start with a good cause, a cause they are passionate about. But in most cases, they are not able to bring about the change they seek; this happens due to the lack of evaluation done at the start and regular milestones of the project.

By monitoring and evaluating the project at regular intervals, the stack holders know precisely what they are doing and where they need to improve to achieve their targets.