The Introduction of Characteristics and Production Pattern of Polyurethane Sandwich Panel Production Line

The complete set of polyurethane sandwich panel production line is mainly composed of an uncoiling machine, membrane-coated cutting system, molding machine system, steel plate preheating furnace, high-pressure bubbling system, double-track system, double-track heating system, cutting system, horizontal cooling system, stacking system, packaging system, etc. The main core part is the molding machine system.


1. The production pattern of polyurethane sandwich panel

Basically, the production pattern of polyurethane sandwich panel has two ways, namely continuous production and discontinuous production. At present, the continuous sandwich panel manufacturing process is suitable for enterprises with high output requirements, while the discontinuous production process is suitable for the special shape products that cannot be continuously produced, or the low production capacity enterprises that are not worth investing continuous equipment.


In the continuous production process, the materials for making sandwich panels are processed together at a high speed. The polyurethane foam is continuously sprayed on the upper and lower surface of the formed sandwich panel that is at an even speed, where the polymerization reaction takes place to generate different forms of the sandwich panel. After fully formed, the sandwich panel is cut into the expected length while the production line continues to operate.


In the discontinuous production process, the materials are treated separately, which means that formed materials are cut into the required length, assembled them together, pressed into the laminator and then injected the foam between the materials to produce a pre-shaped polyurethane sandwich panel.


2. The characteristics of polyurethane sandwich panel production line


1) The width of the wall panel is adjustable, which can meet the requirements of different wall widths.

2) The adjustable wall panel frame of the sandwich panel making machine adopts an overall welding structure and the roller shafts on both sides are cantilevered. The single-row roller pedestal is installed on the ball-bearing guide rail in a combination mode to ensure its accuracy and rigidity. In this way, the specification can be easily adjusted only by adjusting the screw.

3) The roller wheel and the roller shaft of the molding press machine are made of high-quality carbon structural steel. After tempered and numerical control fine finishing, the molding press machine is plated with hard chrome on its surface, which has a good comprehensive structural performance ratio, so as to ensure the materials can be formed steadily, smoothly and normally.

4) The roller pedestal of roofing-board molding machine adopts an independent structure assembled by square strips and galvanized its surface, showing a beautiful appearance, good rigidity and reasonable structure.

5) The compression-type main drive reduction motors and other reduction motors as well as their important parts and components are manufactured by well-known enterprises at home and abroad, so as to effectively ensure the overall performance of the equipment.