The Malfunctions and Solutions of Roll Forming Equipment in Material Forming


As a manufacturer of roll forming equipment, we often encounter such problems. After the customer took the machinery and equipment back, there were some minor problems, and then they adjusted it by themselves. The result was that the machinery was messy and could not be adjusted properly. Finally, the customer begged the manufacturer to deal with it.


There is also such a problem. After a period of normal production and manufacturing of machinery and equipment, the rolls are shifted, or the clamping screws are loosened, causing material loss, or the specifications of the manufactured aluminum profiles are not good. Therefore, we have summarized this article so that some customers can refer to it when adjusting roll forming equipment.


The key corresponding tools and raw materials required for adjustment are as follows:

1. Prepare the raw materials that meet the requirements of custom roll forming equipment. The raw materials must meet the scope of adjustment, such as the required thickness of the raw materials, whether the coating specifications meet the requirements. A large number of regulations can be seen in the contract when the machine is ordered.

2. Spanner, bathroom mirror, vernier caliper, micrometer, sewing line, drawing compass, pencil, etc.

Difficult problems: During the processing of rollforming equipment, the key problems are a deviation of direction, wavy pattern, bending, etc.


Basic adjustment method:

1. Solution to the deviation of the material direction.

2. Wave pattern solution.

3. Solutions to bending problems.