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The Queen of all gemstones – Opal

The ancient Opal gemstone originated from Rome is called as ‘Opalus’ which means as the‘precious stone’. Beauty and amazing kaleidoscopic play of colors makes it famous as ‘’Queen of all Gemstones’’. It is birthstone for October born. The fields of Australia are the most productive in the world for this gemstone.

Black, white, fire, boulder, crystal and water opal are different types of opal. This gem is often divided into types based on background color. It is associated with Venus and Sahasrara Chakra , which connects with universal awareness. Opal is claimed to flourish businesses in the field of travel and tourism and import-export. It helps in clearing issues in a marriage and provides marital bliss .The October birthstone is believed to overcome emotional setbacks or sufferings caused by past relationships. It is thought to cure eye related problems and grant an excellent immune system. Opal jewelry gemstone is fixed into sterling silver for creating stunning ornaments, like ring, pendant, earings and necklace.