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In our current environment getting a loan has become more difficult than normal.

Most lenders have tightened credit ratings, amount of dollars they are willing to lend, and shortened how far out they are willing to go in length of terms (years or months).

So as you as small business or you as looking for a personal loan, student loan, debt consolidation, credit cared payoffs, auto loans, or other loan requirements you may have, you start your search.

You start applying at various lenders private and public banks.

Banks will pull credit immediately which in most cases is an automatic decline (and a ding on your credit). Why the auto decline? Banks generally do not lend to small (micro) businesses and require bank statements, financial statements, tax returns, and their application, and can take weeks or months depending on what you are trying to borrow the money for (business & real estate take the longest) of your time and energy for nothing. Read more..

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