The Technical Research of Cold Roll Forming Machine in Bending Process

1. Technical research on the bending process of the cold roll forming machine


Through field experiments, a new method to control the hole shape distortion during the bending process of the cold roll forming machine is obtained. The mechanism of the hole shape distortion of the cold roll forming machine is analyzed, and the stress and strain conditions of the cross section of the processed sheet are analyzed to find the main reason for the hole shape distortion defect.


2. The reason for the distortion of the hole shape of the sheet material of the cold roll forming machine


1) The punching area of the cold roll forming machine material will have a large stress increase at the edge during the forming process.

2) The equivalent stress in the punching area of this cold roll forming machine model gradually increases during the processing process, and the strain also accumulates.

3) The plate on the outside of the forming corner of the pre-punched part of the cold roll forming machine produces lateral displacement.


It is manifested in the pre-punched hole edge that produces a large displacement strain, and then produces hole shape distortion. When the degree of strain accumulation exceeds the strength limit of the material, tearing will occur.


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