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To yet, there has been no peer-reviewed research to back up Quietum Plus’s purported benefits. The supplement itself is safe, as are its components. Mild stomach distress is the most commonly reported adverse effect. Stop taking the supplement and see a doctor if you have any severe reactions.If you have a medical condition or are on medication, you should always check with your doctor before using a dietary supplement. This is because certain dietary supplements may not be good for you and others may create negative interactions with the meds you’re already taking.Anyone in need of a nutritional supplement can get Quietum Plus online without a doctor’s visit. There is no assurance of its safety or efficacy because the FDA does not monitor it. Always check with your physician before taking any new medication, including Quietum Plus.Can You Find Clinical Evidence for Quietum Plus?You may have heard about Quietum Plus if you’ve been searching for a supplement to aid with your hearing. It is said that taking this supplement might assist your hearing. Is there actual clinical evidence that Quietum Plus works?