Thermal Insulation Coating Misconceptions | Stuart Burchill

There can be the possibility of existing misconceptions when it comes to technology because of less awareness about them. Thermal Insulation is also one of them. Following are the myths or misconceptions of thermal insulation coating:

1. Insulation Should Be Thick: Thermal insulation coating is used to stop heat loss and not a single thermal scientist states to use thick material for better insulation.

2. Short Life Span: The life span of insulation like wool, fiberglass, or any other can be less but if the insulation is of the latest technology such as Syneffex’s coating, then the life span can be increased by more than 5 years.

3. Hard To Apply: Insulation such as fiberglass and wool can be hard to apply but when it comes to Syneffex insulation, it is very easy to apply because of its nature. It can apply just like paint spray.

These misconceptions are created due to the obsolete nature of insulation technology, but there are some companies that have products that eliminate these misconceptions by improving the performance of thermal insulation.

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