Thick Maxi Sanitary Pads & Towels Bulk

Zhejiang BI, as one of the best brands of maxi pads, will provide our customers different types of Maxi Pads, including Regular Maxi Pads, Super Maix Pads and Overnight Maix Pads which are designed for the best nighttime protection.


Our great value maxi pads are enlarged in size to help prevent leakage and thick sanitary pads for heavy flow. Our hypoallergenic maxi pads are suitable maxi pads for sensitive skin and for postpartum after giving birth.


We also have very strict control over every process: We do raw materials suppliers audits. We have an online inspection, routine inspection, and finished product inspection. Free to contact us to get our maxi pads price!


Types of Biodegradable Green Thick Maxi Pads

Regular Maxi Pads

Maxi regular pads without wings is very popular. The pads length is: 235mm.We have full range of sanitary napkins, from pantyliner, to night pads.

Super Maxi Pads

Zhejiang BI is a professional manufacturer and exporter of Female sanitary napkins, panty liner, disposable undperpads, baby diapers, adult diapers and so on.

Overnight Maix Pads

Night maxi pads are used for night time and suitable for heavy flow. The popular size is: 280mm & 320mm.We have full range of sanitary napkins, from pantyliner to night pads.


FAQs of Organic Cotton & Great Value Thick Sanitary Pads

What is a maxi pad used for?


Maxi / Super: A larger absorbency pad, useful for the start of the menstrual cycle when menstruation is often heaviest. Overnight: A longer period pad to allow for more protection while the wearer is lying down, with an absorbency suitable for overnight use.


What’s the difference between a maxi sanitary pads and a pad?


A super absorbs more flow than a regular pad, while overnight pads are longer in size to prevent leaks during sleep. The two main types of sanitary pads are maxi pads and ultra thin pads. A super absorbs more flow than a regular pad, while overnight pads are longer in size to prevent leaks during sleep

How many organic maxi pads a day is normal?


The usual length of menstrual bleeding is four to six days. The usual amount of blood loss per ( 5ml) of blood. That means it is normal to soak one to seven normal-sized periods is 10 to 35 ml. Each soaked normal-sized tampon or pad holds teaspoon pads or tampons ( ” sanitary products ” ) for a whole period.

Is it OK to wear a thick maxi pads while swimming?


When you get out of the water your period will flow again normally, so it’s a good idea to use a tampon or menstrual cup while swimming. Pads and pantyliners aren’t a good option because they will absorb water and become ineffective.