Things You Want To Know About Spout Pouches

Flexible packaging costs less than a water bottle, a bottle or a can. However, many domestic flexible packaging suppliers are unable to deliver minimum orders at reasonable prices. Also, you may not be ready to commit to buying 50,000 new packaging types right off the bat.

What these companies won’t tell you is that some suppliers can handle small trial orders, new flavors and regional test packaging with the same print and material quality as large domestic orders — and at a much lower price point. We know, because we’re one of them.

We will also keep your packaging in stock for immediate release as needed. Continue to reduce your inventory to zero and request new shipments as needed. The right partnership will not only protect your profits, it will expand them.

Liquid Stand Up Spout PouchHow will your pouches step up the game for my product?

It helps to go into the conversation with a basic understanding of your pouch options. There are a ton of innovative designs that bring a unique convenience and efficiency to foods, chemicals, dry goods, liquids, small quantities, large quantities, and more. A knowledgeable and resourceful supplier can deliver the optimal spout pouch for your product and your customer.

You’ll want to see if your spout pouch suppliers can show you samples of styles like:

Stand Up Pouches: A flat-bottomed stand up pouch is the best way to replicate the role of a rigid container on the shelf while saving space, weight, money, and time — and you’re getting edge-to-edge real estate for brightly colored and attractive printed branding!

Gussetted Pouches: Side gussets can give your flat-bottomed spout pouch a squarer, more defined shape. They’re great for products that need to maintain freshness for a longer time, and can even include air valves that let the air out, but not in — perfect for coffee grounds and other products where it helps to give the customer a chance to experience the aroma of the product before they buy.

Spout Pouch

Spouted Pillow Pouches: Especially on products that come in small quantities, a pillow pouch with a spout is essentially a convenient handheld squeeze tube. These are great for travel sizes.

Pump Top Pouches: Perfect for liquid soaps, hand sanitizer, condiments, and more.

Handles or Hang Tabs: An attached plastic handle makes a bigger pouch (think laundry detergent) easier to hold, carry, and pour, replicating the convenience of a jug handle without the bulky rigid container.

Spout Pouches With a Built-in Straw: Capri Sun and other juice pouches often come with a disposable straw taped to the side. These get lost and cause frustration and spills as people try to poke them into the pouch. Innovative new designs include a built-in extendable straw right inside the spout. Ask us for samples and check them out!

Reach out and get a hold of our talented team of spout pouch suppliers today to share what you need (and when). You can count on us for top-notch packaging, responsive support, and convenient, cost-saving inventory management.

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