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Three-phase energy meter Wi-Fi, phase separation, residential energy consumption, solar photovoltaic monitoring, net energy metering, Modbus TCP/RTU


The WEM3080T is a bidirectional, DIN rail, 3-phase Wi-Fi energy meter that can be used to monitor 3-phase 4-wire systems (WYE connection).


Three Phase Energy Monitor


It is a highly integrated three-phase energy meter with built-in Wi-Fi module that measures voltage, current, active power (bidirectional), forward energy and reverse energy per phase.


It can report energy data to a cloud service (IAMMETER or your own cloud service) via Wi-Fi.


Three-phase power monitoring system


main feature

Bidirectional: The forward power (from the grid) and the reverse power (to the grid) of each phase of the three-phase energy meter can be monitored simultaneously. This feature is especially useful in solar PV monitoring.


Split-phase: This three-phase electric energy meter can be used as three single-phase electric energy meters.


Net energy metering : This three-phase energy meter supports normal metering mode and net energy metering mode.


Cloud Service && APP: Provide IAMMETER-Cloud service, which is a very powerful system for solar photovoltaic monitoring and energy consumption management.


Open Source Platform : This three-phase energy meter can be easily integrated into almost all famous platforms such as Home Assistant, NodeRED, Openhab, Domoticz, IObroker.


Easy integration into customer systems : This three-phase energy meter can be configured to upload data directly to the customer’s own server (via HTTP, TLS, TCP