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Top 10 Gemstone Rings For Engagement

So Finally!! You found your soulmate, found the love you were craving for. Many, many congratulations! Thinking of having the best, but needing clarification about what gemstone ring to have as your engagement ring! Here are some of the most trending gemstone rings with outstanding Healing Properties. 

Opal Engagement Ring: The Hope Stone Ring 

Opal is the queen of gems, a stone of truth, hope, and purity. It’s a unique stone that boosts creativity and inspires love, luck, and innocence. It comes in many colors and varieties—Birthstone Jewelry for the person whose astrological signs are Libra and Taurus. Chakra Jewelry activates the root, throat, and third eye chakra. It cures blood-related issues, treats medical disorders, boosts immunity, brings harmony, fills past wounds, clears your vision, and heals relationships. It’s a mysterious stone with a magical glow, making it drop-dead gorgeous and perfect for your engagement ring.