Top Strategies For Mall Advertising in India

Shopping malls receive huge footfall traffic on a daily basis, especially on weekends. Therefore, it seems like any city landscape is incomplete without shopping malls in today’s time.

You must be aware of some strategies when thinking about mall advertising.

5 Strategies For Mall Advertising in IndiaSpot Marketing:

Spot marketing can be beneficial for your brand if you have a retail outlet in a shopping mall. This is because, here, you think of innovative and creative ways to advertise your products.

Flash Mob Activities:

Flash mob activities refer to the performances and activities performed by a group of people just to engage the audience and convey their message. The major aim of this activity is to grab the attention of the audience so that they can recall the products and services in the future and can bring traffic to the store.

Display Packages:

Display package advertising can be cost-effective and profitable for the brand as it works really well in the shopping mall. This is both profitable and cost-effective because it offers space and increases visibility to the audience as well.

Experiential Marketing:

This kind of marketing campaign can help you make stronger bonds and connections with the target audience in a memorable and fun way. Experiential marketing campaigns are beneficial when it comes to generating positive responses from the audience regarding the brand’s products.


Contests and different types of activities can be the beneficial type of shopping mall advertising to develop effective brand names. The brand can consider using lots of user-generated content as it can be engaging, entertaining, and interactive for the audience at the same time.

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