Trailer Chassis Parts for Sale

Ultraton Semi Trailer Chassis Parts are lightweight and rigid, and the leaf springs will not shift laterally during use. The wear resistance block of the balance arm has a grease lubricating nozzle, which reduces the sliding friction between the steel plate and the wear resistance block of the balance arm.


Our Trailer Chassis Parts’ torque rod angle is reasonably designed, which effectively reduces tire friction and prolongs the service life of the tire during frequent bumps in the entire vehicle.


Trailer Chassis Parts

Genuine FUWA Trailer Parts Series

FUWA It is a multinational group company integrating Research & Development, manufacturing and sales of road vehicle chassis components. It has 10 manufacturing plants and 2 container ports, inclu…


ULTRATON Trailer Patrs Series

Besides Semi-trailers, why does Ultraton also develop its own trailer parts? The basic components of a common Semi Trailer include suspensions, axles, wheels, and traction devices and support devices….


Leaf Spring

Leaf spring is very important part in a vehicle.


Wheel rim

Tire Wheel Rim is a metal part which is within the tire profile to support the barrel of the tire, with the center mounted on the shaft. It is also called wheels, wheel hub, treads, tire bell. Usually…



Tire is a round ring shape elastic rubber product which works in a variety of vehicles or machinery rolling on the ground. Usually mounted on metal wheel rims, it can support the body, cushion the ext…


Wearing Parts

For trailer parts, they are composed by various small parts and wearing parts. What are common wearing parts for trailer? To a whole trailer, lamp series, brake drum, brake lining, bearing, slack adju…


How Does Truck Trailer Parts Work?

The basic components of a common Semi-Trailer include a chassis frame, a cargo platform, and Trailer Chassis Parts such as suspensions, axles, wheels, and traction devices and support devices. Truck Trailer Parts are important for semi-trailers to ensure each type of semi-trailer performs perfectly on this own function. The semi-trailer relies on the cargo bed (cargo container, cargo compartment, tank body, undercarriage, etc.) to carry the cargo. The front end is supported by the fifth wheel (kingpin) and connected to the Semi-Trailer tractor. The rear end is supported by the suspension, the axle and the wheel on the road surface.


Co-bearing with the Semi Trailer;

Coupling device for transmitting horizontal or vertical force to the Semi Trailer, and traction with the tractor’s towing

The front part has a support device( landing gear) that suspends when the Semi Trailer is running smoothly when parking;

It has no power, and can be driven by the Semi Trailer tractor;

It generally has 1 axle, 2 axles, 3 axles and multi-axles and other forms;

Its own walking and lighting system corresponds to the tractor. So if without Trailer Chassis Part, a whole Semi Trailer cannot work itself only with a steel structural chassis frame. On this point, Ultraton attaches much importance to choosing each Trailer chassis part.


With our rich experience and distinct advantage on the resource, we are authorized to use and distribute the full range of Genuine FUWA series spare parts. Besides, as strong support to Ultraton series Semi Trailer, we design and supervise the manufacture of Ultraton Series King Pin, Fifth Wheel, Landing Gear, Suspension and axle. Leaf Spring, Tire, Wheel Rim and wear parts including lamp, brake lining, brake drum, nylon bushing and more are also available as an important part of our considerate service.