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Triple Wavelength Diode laser Hair Removal BM-108

Product Category : Laser Hair Removal Machine

Diode Laser Permanent Hair Removal Machine:

1. Safe: Precise destruction of target cells without damage to surrounding tissue

2. Adjustable: Remarkable design allows operators to adjust pulse width according to skin colors and treatment areas.

3. Optimal: 808nm light is optimal for hair removal.

4. Cooling: Patented sapphire cooling device lowers the epidermis temperature to -10℃~0℃, which protects patients from pain and skin damage.

5. Fast: Large square spot accelerates the treatment speed, not only enhancing efficiency but also eliminating the overlapping defect of traditional circle spot.

Working Principle  of  the  Diode Laser Hair Removal  Machine:

Trilaser Diode Laser Permanent Hair Removal is the most complete and effective laser hair removal machine available today,the working principle of  this machine is that the system involves a beam of concentrated light and heat which is directed into the hair follicles.Therefore it can get to the melanin contained in them.

The pigment absorbs the laser energy and will be destroyed so as to inhibite hair growth in the affected hair follicles. The laser energy is directed at these follicles while simultaneously protecting the surrounding skin from harm. 

Features of Permanent Hair Removal Machine:

1. Three wavelengths integrate in the same device.755nm, 808nm, and 1064nm laser are perfect for all skin types (I, II, III, IV, V, VI), and all hair types such as thick, thin, black, gray, blond, brown, at any time of the year.

2. 15mm*15mm or 20mm*20mm big spot size, you can choose them according to your needs.

3. 12 high-quality laser bars imported from “USA-COHERENT”.

4. The laser generator can fire up to 50 million.

5. Cooling system: semiconductor+wind+microchannels water outlet + sapphire + TEC, guarantee no pain and permanent hair removal.