Truffoire Review Gourmet Skincare Customer Review Testimonial by Kimberly

Truffoire Review by Kimberly Hi my name is Kimberly I’m from Orange County California and I’ve been using quite a few of the truth for. Products for my save over 5 years I first found out about them when I was in Las Vegas and saw a demonstration. And I immediately fell in love with the. Creaminess of the day and night moisturisers on the really lovely face fragrance that they both have since then I started to use the eye serum and the eye cream and the daily wash the citrus wash. And I really just like all of the products that I’ve used in addition. There’s been a couple of times that I’ve needed to return a product and their customer service has been excellent really professional really quick to respond to me always eager to help out and I feel quite good about working and buying from this company so. For products are excellent I love them I’ll continue to use them and I can highly recommend them.