TTA22: 1,2-Epoxy-4-epoxyethylcyclohexane Cas 106-87-6

TTA22 is a kind of cycloaliphatic bisepoxide, which can react with anhydride, amine and other curing agents. When it reacts with thermal cations and UV cations, its curing reaction is rapid. The two epoxy groups contained in the molecule of TTA22 participate in the curing reaction. The reactive activity of the epoxy group on the ring with the anhydride curing agent is greater than that on the side chain, while the reactive activity with the amine curing agent is that the epoxy group on the side chain is greater than that on the ring.



High curing crosslinking density and Tg, and Tg can be increased;


The cured product has no benzene ring but good weather resistance;


Ultra-low viscosity and good dilution;


It can be cured with anhydride, amine, UV / thermal cations, etc. in a variety of curing methods; Strong dilution ability and can be used for reducing the viscosity of the epoxy system.


It can be used as a high-property active diluent in composite materials, packaging materials, UV curing inks, adhesives, and other fields