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What is turnstile ticketing system?

Turnstile ticketing system is a kind of comprehensive access control management system, which is composed of a pedestrian turnstile gate and ticketing system. To be more specific, a secondary development kit of the ticketing mainboard, integrating with the customer’s QR/Barcode ticket platform protocol, then connecting with the opening signal of the mainboard of pedestrian turnstile gates to form the turnstile ticketing system.

When the customer’s paper ticket platform is successfully connected with the ticket board, the QR code scanner of the turnstile gate will read the QR code information and directly transmit it to the QR code platform for verification. After verification, the turnstile gate opening instruction will be issued to the ticket board to verify that the gate is opened effectively, and the gate will not be opened if it is invalid.

With the wide application of turnstile ticketing systems in many ticket charging places, the requirements for the reliability, real-time, and flexibility of turnstile ticketing systems are becoming higher and higher.