Two Way&Three Way Stopcock Body 010942 Mould

Specifications: 32/44/64/cavity (can be specified / customized)

Warranty: 1 million models (or not counting in one year)

Life: 4 million or more times

Modeling rate: 14-16 seconds / mode

Mold material: mold frame 718H cavity S136 core SKD61 (can be specified / customized)

Mold hardness: mold frame HRc46 cavity HRc52 core HRc56 (material can be specified / custom)

Applicable models: 120T-200T (specified by the number of cavities)

Adopting imported formwork material, Sweden one wins 100 S136 cavity and core, Japan sets up SKD61 thimble and core, the whole quenching inlay is made, semi-automatic production design. The service life is more than 4 million times.


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