Type 3 Forehead Reconstruction

The shape of the forehead reveals the gender of the person. A smooth and even surface is the female forehead’s characteristics, and a male forehead is more projected.  Forehead encompasses about 30-40% of the entire face surface, and with forehead feminization surgery, one can aesthetically balance their facial appearance. The aim of forehead feminization and contouring surgery in context to facial gender confirmation is to create a more feminine and softer forehead, as this surgery also reduces the appearance of heavy male brow. Type 3 forehead reconstruction involves the removal of one section that covers the frontal sinus and shaving bones from surrounding areas to get a more feminine look. Dr. Parag Telang, during the initial surgical consultation, creates a plan and designs the correct contour that helps one achieve the desired shape of the forehead. The forehead surgery is often performed with hairline restoration and brow lift to correct other congenital facial asymmetries. To know more about Forehead Feminization and Reconstruction in India, visit today at Designer Bodyz.

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