UltraScan DC5111- High-Performance Wired Barcode Reader

The DCode DC5111 1D Wired Barcode Scanner offers seamless efficiency with a low Working Current of 3.5V x 40mA, ensuring power optimization. With a Standby Current ranging from 18uA to 5mA, it balances energy consumption during idle periods. Operating flawlessly in temperatures from 0°C to 50°C, it adapts to various environments. This scanner enhances productivity by boasting an impressive decoding speed of 300 Scans/sec. Its wide Scanning Width of 30cm ensures accurate and swift data capture, making the DCode DC5111 Handheld Barcode Scanner a reliable choice for businesses seeking precision and speed in barcode scanning. Discover the future of barcode scanning with POS Central India, your trusted partner for innovative point-of-sale solutions.