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Vertiv Emerson GXE2 1-10KVA UPS

Vertiv Emerson GXE2 1-10KVA UPS

Product Description

This series of Vertiv Emerson GXE2 1-10KVA UPS has the following characteristics:

Compared with the previous generation UPS, this series of UPS provides more efficient AC power and higher power density

Using DSP full digital control technology, high system stability, self-protection and fault diagnosis capabilities

Has a powerful intelligent battery management function, extending battery life

The operation display panel adopts a liquid crystal display, which independently displays the load percentage and battery capacity, allowing users to understand the working status and operating parameters of the UPS more intuitively.

Intelligent fan design, which can automatically adjust the fan speed according to the load condition, thereby reducing power consumption and noise

The load capacity is stronger, and it can work at full load within the full input voltage range

Provide standard RS-232 interface and B-type USB interface for communication between UPS and network server or other computer systems

Provide dry contact, realize remote shutdown function, make operation more convenient

ECO power supply mode, if the user chooses this mode to supply power, it can save energy to the greatest extent

With the monitoring software of Vertiv Technology Co., Ltd., it can realize the perfect network power management function

Vertiv’s Liebert UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) products are essential for maintaining uninterrupted power in data centers. Vertiv offers a comprehensive selection of Liebert UPS and power distribution units (PDU) that cater to individual data center needs as well as integrated systems responsible for sustaining network closets, computer rooms, and data center infrastructure. Ranging from capacities of less than 1 kW to over 1 MW, Liebert provides a diverse range of efficient and reliable UPS systems that can be tailored to meet specific critical application requirements. With a proven track record of reliability, Liebert UPS systems safeguard the power and environment of mission-critical electronic systems, ensuring consistent uptime.