Water Breathing and Sun Breathing: The Enigmatic Black Tanjiro

Water Breathing and Sun Breathing: Black Tanjiro  

Forging the Nichirin BladeThe demon slayer sword Nichirin Blade is a sword specially crafted by swordsmiths for the Demon Slayer Corps, utilizing unique materials such as ‘Scarlet Iron Sand’ and ‘Scarlet Ore.’ The choice of materials and craftsmanship imbue it with the special ability to limit the Renewal ability of demons.Tanjiro’s Nichirin BladeTanjiro’s Nichirin Blade is black in color, despite his mastery of Water Breathing and Sun Breathing techniques. This color choice may reflect his inner kindness and compassion, resonating with his attitude towards demons and his name.

what does a black katana mean in demon slayer?The Nichirin sword, also known as the Color-changing Blade, adapts its color to match the personality and mindset of its wielder. It goes beyond skill level, reflecting the inner nature of the user.The exact criteria for this color change remain unknown, perhaps related to the aura generated by different breathing techniques. Tanjiro’s black blade may symbolize his equality , understanding, inner strength, and determination.


The Connection Between Color and Breathing TechniquesThe author has suggested that the color of the blade may be influenced by the wielder’s personality and personal significance, rather than just their breathing techniques. Black may symbolize acceptance and the power of the original Sun Breathing technique, aligning with Tanjiro’s character.ConclusionThe color of the Nichirin Blade not only reflects the wielder’s skill but also their personality. Tanjiro’s black blade symbolizes his gentleness and resilience, adding greater depth and meaning to his struggles.


Handgefertigtes Anime Demon Slayer Tanjiro Nichirin Schwert 1095 Kohlenstoffstahl Schwarz





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