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Waterproof Membrane Switch

Common membrane switches have good water resistance, and are also very good in related oil, dust, and moisture resistance, and can be used in a variety of environments.


Waterproof membrane switch: a waterproof insulating layer is coated on the surface of the conductive circuit so that the conductive circuit does not directly contact the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer, including the release paper layer and the bottom adhesive layer that are sequentially adhered from bottom to top: LED circuit layer, LED key sheet layer, button circuit layer, line key layer, fixed layer, fixed adhesive layer, LGF backlight film layer, surface key layer, panel layer, and LED between the LED circuit layer and fixed adhesive layer.


How Waterproof Membrane Switch Plays Its Role

By setting a closed side waterproof frame, and embedding the line in the side waterproof frame, and by sealing the lead-out slot of the lead wire, it can effectively prevent water and moisture from entering from the side of the product, avoiding The LED circuit and the button circuit have silver paste oxidation, which leads to the failure of product functions. In addition, no through-holes are opened within 5m / m of the upper and lower circuit surfaces from the conductive lines, and the interlayer vent holes are not in communication with the outside world.


The Advantages Of Waterproof Membrane Switches

Therefore, the insulation resistance of the conductive line due to the moisture absorption of the adhesive layer is reduced and the condition of moisture penetration into the circuit is improved. Therefore, it has the advantages of good waterproof and moisture-proof performance. The membrane switch with strong waterproof performance has the following characteristics: it is made of high-performance waterproof material so that the product can be used in 95% humid environment. No worry about rain can be used in harsh environments. If the line uses a Flex printing circuit instead of PET as a circuit, the waterproof performance of the membrane switch will be better.


Because of this, The waterproof flexible membrane switch usually has a longer service life than conventional membrane switches and can be used in more harsh environments, but the price is relatively high. It is precise because the waterproof frame and the material with high waterproof performance can make the membrane switch form a better airtight seal and protective barrier. Even on rainy days, it can still be used. If you have more questions about the waterproof frame membrane switch, please feel free to contact Niceone, we can customize the membrane switch for you.