What Are the Advantages of an Oil Well Bit?

What Are the Advantages of an Oil Well Bit?

The Composition of Oil Well Drill Bits

The oil well drill bit is a widely used drilling bits adapting to a wide range of formations and featuering high drilling speed. The oil well drill bit is composed of more than 20 parts such as cutting structure, bearing structure, locking element, oil storage seal installation and nozzle installation. The current motor is repeatedly used in the wellbore, forming a front part of that has greater rigidity, smaller relative discharge area, and higher relative return velocity. The upper annulus is taken to form a vortex that affects the cuttings at the front. The formation of accumulation affects the drilling speed, and further formation of the repeated fragmentation of those cuttings by the PDC drill bit, which is easy to form a mud pack of the bit remover.


What Are the Advantages of Oil Well Drill Bits?

(1) The steel ball is used in the wellbit to lock the roller, suitable for relatively high speed.


(2) The O-ring seal adopts a wear-resistant, highly saturated nitrile rubber, which increases the cross-section of the seal ring. And the outer end of the seal area adds a small sealing boss to improve the sealing performance.


(3) The oil well drill bit uses high-strength and high-toughness alloy teeth, which improves the ability of resisting impact and reducing the probability of tooth breakage. Soft formations are inlaid with spoon-shaped teeth.


(4) The bearing of the palm of the oil well bit is covered with a layer of hard alloy, and there is also a silver-plated layer on the roller shaft to improve the anti-bite and load-bearing capacity.


(5) The oilfield bits use a grease that can withstand a temperature of 250°C, and low wear improves the ability of the drill bit.


(6) The optimized number of teeth of the oil well bit and the equipment such as exposed teeth and alloy teeth can uplift the bit cutting speed at a larger height.