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Solar Street Light is a kind of luminous lighting equipment that does not require external power supply but collects light energy through solar panels during the day and converts solar energy into electrical energy at night, now it has been used in some places. However, solar street lights will also be subject to many restrictions such as scenes in practical applications. So what are the application scenarios of solar street light? Hereby the editor of Second Sun will give you an introduction.


Scene 1: Rural area

Rural areas are very suitable for the application of solar lights. In some rural areas, the environmental conditions are harsh, the terrain conditions are complex, and the cable laying is more difficult. Even if it is easy to lay, the cost of using city circuit lights is very high under the overall budget, and it is more likely that the price of using city circuit lights exceeds the price of using solar street light. In addition, solar street light is simple to install, have a long service life, and require no maintenance within more than 5 years. The roads in rural areas are narrow, the height of street light poles is low, and the brightness requirements of LED light sources are not too high, so it is suitable for rural areas.


Scene 2: Family Backyard


Everyone knows that the houses in rural areas are single-family houses, and each family has a large backyard. Sometimes people in rural areas will walk around in their backyards at night. At this time, a light will bring great convenience. Yes, the use of solar lights will save a lot of electricity bills in one year compared with ordinary light sources, and the solar lights will automatically turn on and turn off, which is very worry-free.


Scene 3: Outdoor Camping Activities


When doing outdoor camping activities, you must have a portable lamp for lighting. In outdoor camping activities for several days, the DC portable lamp is very prone to run out of electricity, and the portable solar lamp will perfectly solve this problem. In the daytime, the absorbed light energy is converted into electric energy and stored in the battery. Very convenient and fast. Therefore, in outdoor camping activities, the application of solar lights is also a very good choice.

The above application scenarios of custom solar lights are shared here. In addition to the above application scenarios, solar street lights can also be used for urban lighting in urban roads, residential squares, industrial parks, tourist attractions, parks, and green belts.