What are the characteristic of the polyimide?

1. High temperature resistance: high temperature resistance above 400°C, long-term use temperature range -200~300°C, no obvious melting point.

2. High insulation performance: The dielectric constant is 4.0 at 103 Hz, and the dielectric loss is only 0.004~0.007, which belongs to F to H class insulation material material.

3. Excellent mechanical properties: the tensile strength of unfilled plastics is above 100Mpa.

4. Self-extinguishing: Polyimide is a self-extinguishing polymer with low smoke rate.

5. Non-toxic: Polyimide is non-toxic and can withstand thousands of times of disinfection.

6. Stability: Some polyimide varieties are insoluble in organic solvents and are stable to dilute acids. The general varieties are not resistant to hydrolysis.