What Are the Characteristics of Different Core Materials Used in Sandwich Panels?


The sandwich panel is made by a professional sandwich panel machine, which is widely used in various fields. It has many advantages, such as lightweight, strong fire resistance and easy installation. In the classification of the sandwich panel, the most common one is to classify by core material. So what are the characteristics of different core materials used in sandwich panels?


1. Polystyrene (EPS) foam sandwich panel

Polystyrene (EPS) sandwich panel, also known as foam sandwich panel, is an organic material, it has the characteristics of heat preservation and insulation, lightweight and convenient installation. It has been widely used in recent years. The disadvantage is that the foam sandwich panel is relatively easier to burn.


2. Polyurethane sandwich panel

Polyurethane sandwich panel is composed of upper and lower layer colour steel plates and middle foamed polyurethane, which is one of the building materials widely used in the construction industry and has good insulation, heat insulation and sound insulation effect. Many people often mistake the foam sandwich panel for a polyurethane sandwich panel. PU sandwich panel is made by polyurethane sandwich panel line.


3. Rock wool sandwich panel

Rock wool sandwich panel is a new type of fireproof plate with the strongest fire resistance performance in the sandwich panel series. It is made of natural rock, blast furnace iron slag, etc., which are melted into the wire at high temperature, and then solidified. Rock wool sandwich panel meets the secondary fire protection requirements of a clean workshop and is the most ideal structural decorative plate for indoor ceiling and activity room construction. It has a fire resistance of 600 ℃ and the fire-resistance rating reaches A level.


Rock wool is made of high-quality basalt, dolomite and other raw materials. After meeting at a high temperature above 1450 ℃, it is made into fibre by high-speed centrifugation. At the same time, it is sprayed with a certain amount of binder and hydrophobic agent, collected by cotton collector, solidified and cut through pendulum process and three-dimensional cotton laying, forming rock wool products of different specifications and uses. Rock wool is a kind of inorganic thermal insulation material with low thermal conductivity, class A non-combustible and good chemical stability. It is the main core material of a clean colour steel plate. Rock wool sandwich panel is made by the machine Rockwool.


4. Glass cotton sandwich panel

Glass wool of glass wool sandwich panel is a kind of man-made inorganic fibre with a diameter of fewer than 6 microns, which is made by melting minerals such as lime and quartz powder in the furnace, high-speed centrifugation or spraying, and then made into various products by moulding equipment. The main glass wool sandwich panel are: glass wool plate, glass wool tube, glass wool felt three series. This product has a series of advantages, such as low thermal conductivity, small bulk density, stable chemical properties, non-ageing, non-combustible and so on. Its construction performance is good, easy to cut and process, no site loss, no harmful gas, stable long-term performance.


5. Extruded polystyrene (XPS) sandwich panel

The extruded polystyrene sandwich panel is a rigid foam plastic board with continuous closed-cell foam, which is injected into the catalyst with polystyrene resin and polymer under heating and mixing, and then extruded and sealed. The inside is an independent closed bubble structure, which is characterized by high compression resistance, low water absorption, moisture resistance, air permeability, lightweight, corrosion resistance, super-ageing resistance (long term use almost no ageing) and thermal conductivity. Environmental protection insulation materials with low and excellent performance.


The extruded polystyrene sandwich panel is widely used in drywall insulation, flat concrete roof and steel roof insulation, low-temperature storage ground, low-temperature floor auxiliary radiation heating pipe, parking platform, airport runway, highway and other fields of moisture-proof insulation, control ground frost heave, is the current construction industry of good quality and low price, good quality heat insulation, moisture-proof materials.