What are the Factors that Determine the Price of Cold Roll Forming Machine?

Cold roll forming machine is a profile processing equipment used in subways, underground tunnels and other places. Compared with press equipment, it has the characteristics of stable performance, high work efficiency, and high quality profiles. But sometimes it may have some problems due to operational problems during its operation. The most common one is the problem of product processing deformation.


1. What are the causes of the problems of profile deformation during the processing of the cold roll forming machine?


We need to analyze the causes of the problem, and the common cause of profile deformation is generally due to unbalanced forces, which may be caused by improper operation or improper placement.


Therefore, in order to solve the problem of deformation of the profile encountered in the processing of the cold roll forming machine, there must be a reasonable distribution of the deformation when designing. Mainly in the subsequent production, the deformation cannot be too large. Secondly, it is possible to pre-bend the profile using side rollers and over-bending rollers, so that the profile does not oscillate randomly during processing. Then, if there is still a problem of profile deformation during the production process, the distribution of the rolls should be adjusted according to the actual situation.


2. The factors that determine the price of cold roll forming machine


1) The complexity of the cold roll forming machine, that is, the complexity of the product profile needs to be customized. If the profile required is more complex, the cold roll forming machine needs to be customized is also more complicated. The more roll sets are required, the more rolls are needed. The longer the cycle, the longer it will take to debug, and the after-sales problems will be more troublesome.


2) If the size of the customized profile of the cold roll forming machine is small, the cold roll forming machine needs to be customized will be relatively small. And if the roll material is less, the whole machine will be relatively small, the steel used and all aspects of configuration will also be small. The price of the machine is relatively low. On the contrary, the cost of machine will increase according to the customized size of the profile.


3) The integration degree of automation of the cold roll forming machine.

This will also increase the cycle and debugging time of the machine, and the components to be added to the complete set of automatic lines will also increase, which will rise the price of the complete set of equipment.


4) Requirements on the accuracy of the workpiece of the cold roll forming machine and requirements on the surface. The higher the requirements in these aspects, the higher the precision of the required cold roll forming machine, and the more complicated it is. For example, the surface requirements of the required profiles are high, while the rolls are processed in different procedures, and the surface needs to be polished or chrome-plated, which will increase the cost of the rolls.


5) The cost of after-sales service of the cold roll forming machine. These costs are generally considered according to the complexity of the machine, and the manufacturer will calculate these cost estimates. If the machine manufacturing is difficult, the after-sales cost budgeted by the manufacturer will be higher.