What are the reasons for computer damage?

Summary: PCB – is one of the most important components of a computer. However, if used improperly, it may cause damage to the PCB, and PCB damage is a very bad thing for the computer, which may cause the computer to restart more frequently, unstable and other problems. How should we repair it? Next, let’s take a look at the method of repairing PCB with FS Technology.

What are the signs of a broken PCB?

The most common failure on a PCB is a burnt capacitor. The main problem is that the computer restarts from time to time and the system is not functioning properly. Since it is an electronic device, if there is too much capacitance, there will be no response to starting or the fan turning the board.

Causes of PCB Damage

1. Human failure: The connection and disconnection of the I/O board and the power supply, the board and the plug are installed with the wrong power supply, resulting in damage to the communication interface, chip, etc.

2. Harmful environment: Static electricity often destroys chips (especially CMOS chips) on the PCB. In addition, when the circuit board encounters a temporary power outage or power surge, it can damage the chips near the circuit board. If the PCB is covered with dust, it can also cause short circuits etc.

PCB inspection instructions

1. Observation method: whether there is burning, burning, inflammation, disconnection on the board surface, damage to the socket, water ingress, etc.

2. Measurement method: Whether the resistance between +5V and GND is small (less than 50 ohms).

3. Increase the voltage: If it is confirmed that the PCB board is damaged, the voltage can be increased by 0.5-1V. After power-on, manually clean the IC on the board, and heat the defective chip for induction.

4. Signal analysis: Check the input, output, and control terminal signals of the main suspect ICs and their strength.

5. Identify the main working area: most boards have a clear area function distribution, such as: processing area (CPU), clock area (crystal oscillator) (frequency distribution), background image area, working area. (character, plane) , sound generation and change area, etc. These are very important for the complete maintenance of the computer screen.

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