What can the picosecond laser treat?

Picosecond laser technology is among the newest laser skin resurfacing technologies on the market. A leader in laser skin resurfacing therapies. For patients interested in tattoo removal, wrinkle reversal or acne scar remedies, picosecond laser skin rejuvenation is likely a smart choice. Bestview Laser is a China picosecond laser in laser beauty equipment, we have CE certification picosecond laser machine for sale.


Bestview Laser picosecond laser skin rejuvenation is FDA-approved for laser treatment of pigment, most notably, tattoos. Picosecond technology refers to the rate at which laser energy is delivered to the skin. In this case, a laser beam at a specified energy level is delivered within a picosecond (one trillionth of a second). This is an extremely rapid rate of laser beam delivery which essentially remodels the skin and triggers an intense collagen production response. The best part of picosecond laser skin rejuvenation is the limited downtime and is safe for all skin types. Patients only experience a few hours of pink, sensitive skin after treatment.


Picosecond laser tattoo removal machine goes beyond conventional picosecond lasers by combining the highest power possible with more wavelengths and treatment modes. The strength and precision of the picosecond laser make it possible to achieve optimum outcomes in fewer sessions, saving patients time and money while delivering amazing results.


What can the picosecond laser treat?


The picosecond laser effectively treats photodamage from the sun. This includes freckles, brown spots, and other pigmented lesions. Discolored spots, age spots, freckles, and other unwanted blemishes are no match for the picosecond laser.


Photoaging can cause individual skin cells to darken and clump together. These dark clumps form the blemishes you see along your chest and just above your cleavage. But as we know from light and dark towels at the beach, different colors absorb light at different rates.


The picosecond laser targets these dark pigments. The laser energy is absorbed by darker blemishes, scattering discolored skin cells for good. Afterward, your body processes these unwanted pigments naturally leaving you with smoother, tighter, more evenly colored skin.


Picosecond laser treatments are excellent at reducing or eliminating:

1.Age spots

2.Sun spots



5.Loose skin

6.Crepey skin

7.Acne scars

8.Other pigmented lesions